In my recent training class in Florida I placed a bag at the front entry door where everyone walked in. After introductions, I asked “How many of you saw the bag at the front door?” About ten guys saw me place it (I wasn’t being stealthy), and about fifteen raised their hands. Approximately forty-five guys missed it.

My point was about raising their level of awareness every single Sunday morning and looking for things that don’t belong. If they happen to find a package placed in a weird place, DON’T PICK IT UP AND SHAKE IT! (I’ve seen cops do this, so don’t feel bad). Turn off your radio, back out, clear the area and call the police from a land line.

Let the professionals come out and investigate, you’ve done a good job of finding something suspicious. Resist the urge or pressure to do something, take a breath, and then back out.  We do dumb things when we don’t have a plan or we feel like people are expecting things from us – so we do something – anything – to make it look like we know what we are doing.

This happens because of the Arc of Survival – Deny – Deliberate – Decide.

On February 20, 2018 Phoenix, Arizona police on patrol stopped a man in a church parking lot at 2 AM. When they found out he had a warrant, they placed him under arrest. During the pat down, they found a 3 inch pipe bomb with a fuse or wick attached! (think Road Runner/Wiley Coyote bomb). He told the police it would explode, as he had detonated one already.


Here is the article from ABC 15:

“A man armed with a pipe bomb allegedly told police it would explode after he was found wandering a church parking lot in Phoenix.

Phoenix Police reported that on Tuesday morning about 2:15 they found 36-year-old Keith Leroy Stangl looking at furniture in the parking lot of a church near 35th Avenue and Beardsley Road.

 When Stangl provided police with his identification, they noticed that there was a warrant for his arrest.

In searching Stangl, police reportedly found a 3-inch homemade pipe bomb with a fuse in his pocket.

The suspect allegedly told police that the bomb would explode and that he had detonated one before.

Stangl reportedly has prior convictions for aggravated assault and burglary. He has now been charged with misconduct involving weapons.”

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