Police Officer Shoots Man In Church Parking Lot, Cleared Of Wrong Doing

Strange things happen at churches by people who aren’t affiliated with the church.  Suicides, robberies, and drug deals have all happened on church grounds and they center upon suspicious vehicles.

Do you approach suspicious vehicles in your church parking lot or contact law enforcement to make the contact?  If you approach, what would you do if you looked in and saw an armed person wanting to commit suicide?  Many people don’t consider this scenario.

In Hastings, MI (115 miles from Detroit) a man parked in a church lot was wanted by the police for felony warrants.  When police received a tip he may be in a church parking lot, they went to the Thornapple Valley Church and found the suspect in his car.  When the man exited the car, he was armed with a gun.

The officer ordered him to drop his weapon, but he refused, so he was shot and wounded.  The gun ended up being an airsoft gun.  The local prosecutor reviewed the case and determined the officer acted reasonably in shooting the man due to the threat he posed.



Man Harassing Sutherland Springs Church Arrested On Gun Charge

Sutherland Springs, TX – A conspiracy theorist focused upon harassing the Sutherland Springs church attacked last November has been arrested on a gun charge for his armed presence on the church grounds.

Sutherland Springs members said he and his girlfriend claimed the shooting was fabricated by the U.S. government. The suspect, Robert Ussery, was charged at the time with making a terroristic threat.

However, federal and local officials arrested him at a later date for possessing a firearm while at the church.  Ussery was reportedly found to have a criminal record which prohibits him from possessing a firearm.


Man Breaks Into Church But Thinks He Is Shot

According to KRMG:

A shooting report from a Tulsa church turns out not to be as advertised. Officers arrived at the Christview Christian Church at 2525 South Garnett Road just before 10 p.m. Thursday. We’re told a drunk man had broken into the building, where he told the pastor that he had been shot.

Police arrived and determined that the suspect had not been shot. “He had broken a window into the church and cut himself when he got in. He appeared (to be) very intoxicated,” TPD Cpl. Chris Butterfield said. The suspect was admitted into the hospital and probably will have out-custody at a later time.

Man Jumps Onto Church Stage Let’s Out Blood Curdling Scream

When two men walked into the Gathering Church on February 28, 2018, the pastor noted they were walking with purpose.  One of the men made it to the stage where the pastor stated he let out a blood curdling scream and began ranting about ice cream, pizza and watching a movie.

The man on the stage was taken off the stage by security and the police were called.  The pastor said, “In hindsight we know he came here to make a name for himself, but in the moment we didn’t know what to expect.”

Church members expressed concern with the numerous violent incidents that have been happening throughout the United States and expressed relief the incident did not escalate to violence.

Sulphur Police arrested the suspect, 24 year old Dorian Thomas for disorderly conduct by intoxication.

The church as since added extra security, locked the exterior doors, and have been escorting church members to their seats.

Original Article Here.

Man Pepper Sprays Church Group Meeting On Protests

A man familiar to police attacked an Anchorage church last Saturday with a canister of bear pepper spray.  A group of people were meeting at Anchorage Community House and The Church of Love for non-violent protest training.  The man opened the door and started pepper spraying the room full of people.

Joni Bruner, an organizer with the group, said, “The door swung open and someone stared spraying us. All I could see is orange spray coming right at my face.”

Initially the police were seeking his identification and broadcast a wanted notice accompanying with it two photos of a man in his 50’s or 60’s with long white hair and a long white beard wearing black and holding what appears to be a small red purse.

The police department said, “All of the victims suffered varying degrees of discomfort and pain; medics responded and treated them for exposure.”  Police say none of the victims recognized the suspect, who police described as having a stocky build.

Arrested for the crime is Bret Maness, 53, of Anchorage.  He is familiar to the police because he has done time for murder, fleeing and eluding (a six hour chase in an RV) and weapons charges.  Hundreds of tips came into the police department.  Once they knew his name, they issued an alert stating he was most likely armed and dangerous.

He was located and charged with terroristic threatening, burglary, reckless endangerment, and 11 counts of assault in the fourth degree.

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