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Thank you so much for stopping by our website.  You probably have questions about how to protect your church, and with recent events, we don’t blame you.  We have been helping churches for the past ten years at every level of the process.  You may be investigating, planning, or finding a resource to train your team professionally, and Church Security Alliance offers this information in an easy to use format.  Our mission is simple:  We help pastors and laypersons in the local church improve security and safety for people who come to your campus. We provide affordable options for investigating, planning, and training your security ministry team members.  Browse the site, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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"I Am Interested In Starting A Church Security Ministry"

Our free resources help you explore the many ways you can help your church improve security. Every church is different, and there is no cookie cutter approach to improving security for your church.  We encourage you sign up for our free membership, so you can quickly access a few videos to help you understand the scope of the problem, things you will need to know before starting out, and a few economical resources we offer that have helped thousands of churches avoid costly mistakes while planning their response to security threats against the local church.

"We Have Decided To Start A Church Security Ministry, But Need Direction."

We know getting to this point has been a challenge. There are so many obstacles to overcome just getting to this point. We offer affordable resources to help you save precious time, get over the obstacles easily, and get your church security ministry off to a successful start. Our “Done For You” Starter Kit has everything you need to quickly assess your security concerns, write a comprehensive security policy and procedure manual, recruit church members to your team, and begin the process of training them to begin serving your faith community in a professional way.

"We Have A Church Security Ministry, But We Need To Train Our Team."

Training your team is vital to reducing liability, performing professionally, and maintaining a safe and secure worship experience. CSA’s Church Security Seminar is a live, hands on experience and focuses upon helping your team members understand their proper function under the law. The 8 hour seminar focuses on several topics including operational duties, verbal de-escalation for disruptive people, liability reduction, how to train your congregation in unarmed active shooter skills, simple escorts, and armed response to active shooters.

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Individual Membership

Our Individual Membership is an inexpensive investment that will save you a lot of time. It is a full access membership for one person. Having the right information in your hands is the difference between high levels of frustration and wasted time. This membership includes our 100+ page Church Security Basics Ebook (normally $29) with information you need to assess, plan, and start a church security ministry from scratch. You also have access to our Training Video Library. Thousands of church security leaders have used this information as the starting point for their church security ministry. Best practices, equipment choices, training, forum access, and so much more are included in this ebook and is included in your membership.  A one time payment of $37, then $37 per year until canceled.

Team Membership - $20 OFF

With our Team Membership every member of your team can register for an individual account. Receive The Church Security Basics Ebook & The Church Security Starter Kit – everthing you need to save time, create security and medical team policy manuals, and begin building your team.  There are 13 total documents in this kit including a “Done for You” policy template for both security and medical teams, presentations to get church leadership on board, reporting forms, team announcement, interview questions, and a whole lot more. Our members rave about the time savings. All members gain access to the Team Training page, and training videos. Also receive priority notification of church security incidents. $77 for the first year, then $97 per year until canceled.

Church Security Incidents

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Georgia Man Intentionally Rams Six Churches With His Truck

A Georgia man was arrested for ramming his truck into six separate churches near Centerville, GA on February 26, 2018 between the hours of 5:45 AM and 7:00 AM.  It seems the master-mind criminal left parts of his truck behind that made him easily identifiable.  This is a case where cameras helped solve the crime.

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Pastor Robbed When He Attempt To Help Man Change Tire

Seeing a man in need, a local SC pastor stepped outside to help what appeared to be a stranded motorist changing a tire, but quickly found out he was trying to help a strong arm robber.  As the pastor approached the man, he was grabbed, thrown to the ground and the man attempted to steal his wallet.

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Arizona Man Threatens To Shoot Up Church Arrested En Route

The Parkland, Florida shooting has highlighted the need for law enforcement to take all threats seriously, and Maricopa County AZ did not disappoint.  Most church attacks result from one of two things:  Domestic violence spill-over and mental illness.  In this case, it may have been a deranged man who believed the church was holding his dead wife hostage as a sex slave.

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Man Caught With Pipe Bomb In Arizona Church Lot

In my recent training class in Florida I placed a bag at the front entry door where everyone walked in. After introductions, I asked “How many of you saw the bag at the front door?” About ten guys saw me place it (I wasn’t being stealthy), and about fifteen raised their hands. Approximately forty-five guys missed it.

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The Reason Training Is So Important: Liability

When Pastor Fred Winters was killed, an armed FBI agent was present, but couldn’t get off a shot. The reason: A congregation member with military training stood up and took him down. In this video I briefly discuss training and why we need to do it better.

Plan, train, document, repeat:

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