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Church Security Planning Doesn't Have To Be Complex Or Difficult.

Let Our Work Save You Months of Your Time, Money, and Frustration of Endless Meetings...We've Done The Work For You and Included Everything In This Package.


You may have a lot of questions of what you need to do to get your church security ministry started in the right direction quickly.

The Basics of Church Security Book plus our very popular Church Security Starter Kit are the A to Z information solution for anyone searching for church security planning tools.

We are proud to offer both as the Deluxe Church Security Starter Kit.

Normally, we offer a nice printed copy of the book and and data CD, but have to charge close to $150.00 to copy, print, pack and ship it. This usually takes about 10 days to ship, but I know you may be someone who needs to get started with their church security planning right away.

It may be your church board is looking for a presentation this week and you need some information fast, or you have recognized how large this project may be on your own, so you are searching for something to save time and frustration.

By investing in the Digital Deluxe Starter Kit today, you will save $53 when we pass our printing/copying/shipping savings on to you.

Once you purchase the kit, it will be delivered in digital format immediately. You will be taken to a secure download page where you may download both the book and they customizable manual. You can begin your church security planning today!

Here is what one of our clients said about the Basics of Church Security Book:

Hi Glen and Jack,

Well, my friend and I met with Pastor this morning at his request. 100% positive results. Pastor has given us the go ahead to get a risk assessment done, add a couple to our team, outline plan/policy/procedures, contact local law enforcement & fire depts, contact our insurance underwriter, etc etc. Pastor has actually felt the need to do something for some time now, but we'll start small and work our way up, and we're all pretty excited about it.

Your "Basics...How to get Started" manual has been a great help! I'm not sure our presentation to Pastor would have been as effective without it. My partner is impressed with it too, and is ordering his own copy, so he doesn't have to swipe mine. ........

Thanks for all your help. God bless.

Steve Rains, Middletown, OH


Our Digital Deluxe Church Security Starter Kit has everything you need to get your church security plans, policies and procedures in place in little time, and with little hassle.

Basically, with this Starter Kit, you will have everything you need for the first two steps of church security implementation.

The basic church security policy and procedure manual is well worth the money because of the amount of time it saves you. However, we have added a special church safety and medical team manual to the package, which makes it that much easier to speed ahead and save time in your planning efforts.

Here is what you do - it's really this simple...once you purchase the kit, simply download the package, open up the sample security manuals and place your church name, address and phone number on it. Then you call the policy and procedure manual your very own!

After very little effort, you will have a completed policy and procedure manual that covers everything from child safety to offering security. You will have a plan for a tornado and a plan for a violent incident. You will also have a basic church security assessment form to determine where you need to begin the work of securing your church.

Not only that, but you get over a dozen reporting forms, power point presentations, and even a firearms qualification course (if you choose to allow members to carry firearms).

Everything you could possibly need, you now have in your possession, and you can have it in about 5 minutes.

Here is what one man said about the Church Security Starter Kit:

Dear CSA I received your kit a couple weeks ago. OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!! Without going into too many details, I will just tell you that it saved me weeks of work. You thought of things that I never would have considered and put it all at my finger tips. Thanks for your guidance and support. God Bless,

Troy C. Kingwood, Texas


Special Offer

If you would like to receive this in digital format today, we will take you to a download right away, and we will deliver the links to you in your email box in about 5 minutes for only $97.

You will save almost $53 right away AND have the information on your computer screen in minutes.

You will have the first basic tools to get your church security ministry rolling, and the amount of information you have in your hands will save you about 18 months of work.

Little money, fewer meetings, all the manuals and paperwork you need to hit the ground running - it couldn't be more simple.

We have done the work for you, so you can spend more time doing the things you enjoy instead of spending all your time away from the family at meetings, sitting in front of a computer, or missing a critical element of a security plan.

Not only will you be a critical part of making your church safer, but some of your church family might think you are a super fast, highly efficient person!

So you will receive the Basics of Church Security Book in digital (pdf) form, which is over 120 pages with color photos explaining the ins and outs of church security, starter equipment information, weapons and defensive tactics PLUS the Church Security Starter Kit. The Starter Kit alone is a huge time saver and includes every form, manual and procedure you could possibly imagine.

We really wanted to make beginning your church security ministry easy, affordable, and quick. We are sure you will be very pleased with the material, as have many of our customers, that we offer a 100% no questions asked guarantee.

If you don't find everything you need to get a basic church security team up and running in the materials we provide, we will gladly refund your money 100%.

Everything You Need To Begin Planning Today!




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church security, church safety, church security kit.