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Church Security Community That Helps Pastors, Volunteers, and Safety Teams Protect Their Church.


Church Security Alliance is a community of local church members working together to balance the need of protection against the need of an open faith community.  It is no secret criminals target churches through theft, child abuse, vandalism, arson and violent crimes.  We believe God has gifted men and women within the local church to provide basic protection services from the view of a servant's heart.

While security and safety should be on the mind of every church administrator, the reality is a small percentage of churches do not focus on it until a tragedy or crime is perpetrated against their local body.  We believe it is a good thing to pre-plan and prepare for the possibility of criminal action against your church.  However, every church is different, and the needs of one church might not be the needs of another.

Should your church purchase security cameras?  Should you conduct church background checks upon volunteers in sensitive positions?  Should you have armed security personnel on campus?  These are all questions many churches have wrestled with, and CSA hopes to provide some of the answers.

Our vision for CSA is to provide a central hub of information on church security related issues, and to give a voice to those who are helping their church increase their security and safety.

We provide information on three levels.  The first level is through free information in the form of free videos or on our blog.  Anyone with an interest in church security can start there.  For those who want to begin the process of church security planning, CSA has developed resources including a Church Security Starter Kit, various training DVDs, and a book entitled Basics of Church Security.

Lastly, we have developed a community of like minded people who provide service in their home church through a church security ministry.  We invite you to join Church Security Alliance if you desire to be part of a community and to interact with others who are providing church security services on a volunteer basis.  It is a growing community of people who recognize the necessity of securing the local church, and have taken the step to plan and implement a church security team.

If you have questions, we invite you to complete the contact form and we will contact you via email as soon as possible.

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article linkConcealed carry among non security team attendees (JackJustice)
posted Sun March 8th 2015 @ 1:37 AM

Here is a recent question from one of our members. The state that they live in does permit CCW carry in the church.

Church Security Alliance
Living in WV, we have the possibility of attendees conceal carrying.  In discussions with church leadership and members of our security team, we are concerned that while the security team is handling a situation, someone not on the team, might draw their weapon, intending to assist, but actually escalation the situation.
We are a small security team, with an average of 4 members on duty for each service.  Our church holds almost 2000 members.  Our members are under cover, so other than stating that we are security if we interact, we are non distinguishable from regular members.
I am wondering if other churches are facing this same situation, and what their solutions are.  One member of the church leadership suggested placing signs stated the church as a no gun area, but I believe in WV this will only stir the pot.  Others have suggested holding a church safety training for concealed carry holders, but this would have to be volunteer and how to ensure that all that carry attend.
I would welcome any input on this subject, and I will let you know what our response is.
Thank You,
A Church Security Member
Our response is as follows:
Dear Member
This is an issue that many churches face. It is somewhat easier in areas where express permission is required to carry in church. But, as I am sure you understand, is an emotionally charged issue. Many gun owners firmly believe in the second amendment and that this trumps federal and local laws that interfere with this right. If you frequent many of the on line gun forums, you will hear the phrase "concealed means concealed". This phrase is typically used to state that protecting the members of your family reigns supreme and that you must carry but keep a very low profile. If the need arises, deal with the situation and face any issues after stopping the threat to your family to you.The result of this is that even where CCW is not permitted in a church but is in the state, many will carry to church given the violence that does take place.
When you live in a state that has carry in the church, the chances for friendly fire increase. Considering the independent nature of many with CCW licenses you should plan that there will be someone besides your team that will have a sidearm. With this in mind there are several possible solutions to help avoid a friendly fire incident.
Have a means to identify your security officers. this can include a Clip on ID Card, a security ID Banner or a security Badge on a chain or worn on the belt.
The other recommendation would be to have the pastor announce that there is a security team in place to handle security issues and to permit the team to deal with any situation that occurs. This is a message that could also be sent by email to the church family.  As part of the announcement he could request that any church members that CCW please introduce themselves to the security staff, if necessary designate a contact person, or have a public meeting for those people to discuss security issues with the staff.
 I am also looking into a door sticker that I viewed at a church were we presented a security seminar. It was an octagon sticker that stated " Armed Security on Campus". We might need to have this custom printed and are looking into it. What I like about this was that visitor could see the decal when they entered the church.
While these recommendations might not be the final solution, I believe that this is a step in the right direction. I look forward to hearing your comments on these thoughts and which direction your church decides to go.
Best Regards

Jack Justice
Church Security Alliance
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church security, church safety,church security planning, church security guard, church security plans, church security team, church security ministry, church security manuals, church security group, church security report, church security information